At Les Beaux Chapeaux we believe everybody deserves at least one fantastic hat in their arsenal. A hat will always make the difference, turning a  great outfit into an unforgettable  occasion. 

Our aim is bring as many classic, quirky, outrageous and colourful quality hats together in one place.

Our hats are sourced from all over the globe and history  from the Georgian period, the height of hat fashion through to contemporary style. 

We are always searching  for new products to compliment our range of hats  and to satisfy our customers thirst for something a little different up top. If you have  seen a hat in a movie or photo you then love  then conduct us and  we will make it.

 Les Beaux Chapeaux Hats are made using traditional methods here in the UK , Handmade by myself using suppliers and craftspeople from the traditional home of hat making in Luton, England. Many thanks to you all.

Hats like everything else need care. our approach to business is we believe in supporting our customers with a unique after sale service. We offer cleaning and waterproofing,

re-blocking, fitting new trim, internal band and re-lining service.

Unique Hats for the good the bad and the Ugly

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