The Barrington

Inspired by the oversized hats worn by toasters and cool rulers of the 70's reggae scene.

 Barrington hats are handmade using traditional methods and techniques in our studio based in the historical town of Hastings, England. We source the  finest quality  felts  from the best European manufacturers, to produce high quality hats at affordable prices that will last a life time.

The Homburg Barrington's are simply an open crown Barrington that has been shaped by us to the traditional Homburg  style. Shipped with an open crown as standard and available in 5 luxurious felts.

Supplied open or shaped as requested  when ordering

Felt Choices

         All our Barringtons are made from 100% Furfelt Capelines sourced in Europe.

Choose from 5 high quality felts

PInk Barrington.tif


A traditional felt for men's hats,

great stiffness and strength. Recommended if  you are never going  take it off !

silver barrington  hom .tif


Similar weight to furfelt with a gorgeous long nap.

A hard wearing felt with a great look, perfect for daily wear.

Choose from7  glorious colours


A softer lighter Capeline than Traditional Furfelt or Mohairs. 

Shapes well and has a wonderful peachy velvety feel.

Makes fantastic Homburgs.

Black pin Barrington  hom  .tif


This felt is soft like the Peachlooms except with long furry nap.

Named "The Buzby" by a  happy customer, wear shaggy on top or brush it into a soft sheer sheen.

Looks amazing either way.

Melezine Red Leopard

Red Leopard  Barrington side.tif

Melezine Animal Prints

Same long nap felt as the standard Melezine but in a showstopping  range of animal prints. These high end Melezines are exclusively  used on our limited edition top of the range "Superfly" Barringtons.

Available in 21  fabulous colours

Unique Hats for the good the bad and the Ugly

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